Finally, we stop gaining height !

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My weekend homework - cutting and fitting the between-rafter insulation. On a hot day, the heat from the sun is reflected back from the boards, very hot !

Me realising I was on camera !

Today's game of spot the builder mugs. This one was particularly well hidden.

Most of the between-rafter boards cut and fitted. I nailed the battens on just in case the wind got up...

Suddenly, from inside the house now actually feels like a house. Well, kind of.

Problem - between rafter insulation is 80mm thick. Truss rafters are 70mm thick. Outside of insulation needs to lie flat between rafters. This means every board has to be carved out where it sits on diagonal cross-bracing.

Another shot showing the carving out. It took ages. I had to cut each board to size, trial fit it, scribe lines to mark where the braces went, remove board, hack out channel with a saw, then refit.

Working with these reflective boards is like working with two suns shining at you !

Insulation, counter battens, membrane and tile battens fixed to 3-storey section

Tiles will be another 4-5 weeks, but for now, this is watertight

The rear (north) elevation

Spot the slight pitch adjustment...

One of the 3-storey gables...

...and the other, with space for the chimney.

Looking towards the kitchen & utility

The first section of guttering in place, replica cast-iron.


The Bumpa Hoist meant around 6000 tiles were lifted up in one day.

A day later, and half of the main roof is tiled.

A few tiles...

Looking down the Bumpa Hoist

The 2-storey roof well under way, and the Tyrolean render applied

Guess the weight of the lead roll...69kg !

Ruby again

The builders and roofers at work

The usual suspects ! From L-R: Ruby the dog, Billy, Colin, Wayne,

Top floor windows in, before the scaffolding comes down

One of the mock sash windows

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