Other building plots we looked at
Some photos of a couple of other plots we looked at, but didn't buy.

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Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire - Plot 1 

Kirk Ireton is an idyllic Derbyshire village where plots are as rare as a very rare thing. This large plot became available, with planning permission for a large detached house, for sale at auction with a guide price of £140,000. It actually sold for £213,000. 

Despite being having such a nice location, being large in size and having stunning views, the plot was very overlooked, and the slope would have added to the build costs, so we decided not to pursue.


Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire - Plot 2

One building plot in Kirk Ireton is a rare enough sight, but a few weeks later this second plot came up for sale a couple of hundred yards up the road from the one above.

It was in a beatiful location - as peaceful as it gets, with stunning views - and had planning permission for a 4 bed house.

However, it was a very sloping site, and after chatting to the planners, had very little chance of fitting a garage on the site. There was virtually no room for deliveries, materials storage, parking during the build, or siting a caravan. The cost of excavating the site and building the numerous retaining walls would have been high. There was a small watercourse running through the site, which although potentially a very nice feature, would have to be diverted and probably require specialist (read: expensive) foundations.

This one sold at auction for £180,000. 


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