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Friday, 22 January 2021
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The difficult bits out of the way, no stopping us now!
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Some pretty nifty joinery - one tenoned & pegged joint between the post and 3 beams, a perfect fit. Oak will be sandblasted later to remove water marks.

Several man-days of stonework

The blockwork you can see here all appeared in one day !

Getting ready for topsoil

Looking towards the ensuite and wardrobe for the main bedroom

The main bedroom ensuite. Step in the floor is due to a mistake by the architect.

Bed 2 to the right, main bed in the centre, ensuite & wardrobe to the left

Nice evening view from the main bedroom

The neighbours almost have their driveway and garden back

Oak beam and joists in the living room

Looking towards the main bedroom

Looking towards bedroom 2

Main bedroom ensuite on the left, wardrobe on the right

The caravan slowly disappears from view !

Looking towards bedroom 3 from master bedroom

Looking towards bed 3 from bed 2 - stairs and bathroom go somewhere in the middle

Emma's makeshift sun lounger

Loads of gritstone, all cut and numbered

The living room window mullions in place

The rear wall, up to middle-floor joist height

Some steelwork to help retain the door canopy

Preparing for the door canopy & corbels

It's a hard life watching people work.

The door canopy in place. One VERY heavy piece of stone !

Looking towards bedroom 3 on the middle floor.

Main doorway with canopy over.

Main doorway, and living room window.

A maze of scaffolding & ladders

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