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Sunday, 17 January 2021
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Our static caravan PDF Print E-mail

Photographs of the static caravan we bought to live in during our selfbuild project, and the fun we had getting it on site !

For the caravan spotters amongst you, it's a 1990 Willerby Granada 30ft x 10 ft 2 bed.

The transporters were Cranage Haulage (01477 535279 or 07966 512267), who did a superb job and we highly recommended.


Click on the photos to see them full size, to fully appreciate the caravan's beauty ! 

Photo of our static caravan
The caravan at it's previous home.

Photo of static caravan being pulled by tractor
Being extracted from it's previous home by Cranage Haulage.

Photo of static caravan being winched onto truck
The caravan gets winched onto the truck, after the tractor.

Photo of Cranage Haulage truck parked up near our plot.
Cranage Haulage arrive and park up nearby to assess the difficult bit !

Photo of caravan off truck, hitched up to tractor
Back off the truck and hitched up to the tractor. Let's cause chaos !

Photo of static caravan blocking road
A nice snug fit, traffic is backing up nicely...

Photo of static caravan disappearing through trees down driveway
No going back now !

Photo of static caravan being inched through narrow driveway
The tight bit, slowly inching through between the wall and tree trunk

Photo of static caravan being reversed into position by tractor
The easy part - reversing into final position

Photo of Cranage Haulage guys heading off
The Cranage Haulage guys head back to the truck, job done.

Photo of static caravan on our selfbuild plot
Our home for the next ?? months !

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