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Sunday, 17 January 2021
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NOTE: This months diary is not finished yet...more entries to come !


Thursday 13th April 2006

This afternoon we met our Helen (our planning officer) on site, along with our architect, to see if we could find an acceptable way ahead regarding our planning permission application - in particular the roof design on our single-storey wing.

I have to say Helen was very down to earth and helpful. She explained that she is perfectly happy with the size and shape of our revisions to the single storey wing, the only problem is the hipped roof design where it wraps around the two storey section. I also have to admit that she (and the conservation officer) are right - there are no other hipped roof designs in the village, all are gabled.

Our architect puts a good case forward for our design, but Helen was not swayed - it is clear that if we proceed with the hipped design, the decision would go to committee and would not receive her recommendation.

Helen suggests that if we changed to a gabled design, she would approve the application using her delegated powers.

We finish the meeting, and consider our options. The idea of a quick approval is very appealing.

Tuesday 18th

The estate agents inform us of the first offer from the couple who viewed the house. It's quite low and we immediately reject it, but hopefully things will move upwards from here.

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